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    A 3 month contract has an en date specified that is only 2 months.
    So a contract that starts say on 1st January 2023 has an end date stated as:

    1st March 2023 (3 months)

    The end date when calculated correctly should be as follows:

    1st April 2023 (3 months)

    They made a mistake and I didn’t notice the mistake until 3 weeks into the contract.

    What are my rights as the contractor? As limited company?
    In my opinion the client should reissue the contract with amended date or a new contract for 1 month extension.
    Client is saying that the incorrect end date has been “baked into all their figures and financials” and cannot correct the date.
    They do need an extra week of services and have issued a 1 week extension which I have not agreed to sign.

    What are my rights?

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    Hi B V

    I have asked the members of the official group on LinkedIn to comment.

    I agree they should re-issue the invoice. It may be worth having a word with a solicitor to see what they think.

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