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    Government trots out 2022 report to keep Single Enforcement Body supporters happy

    The most detail yet from the government’s Director of Labour Market Enforcement on what the Single Enforcement Body should do — and look like — has emerged.

    Margaret Beels speaks in the UK’s official labour market enforcement strategy for 2022-23, of her team contributing to the “design and development” of the SEB.

    Published on Thursday, the strategy raised hopes it was an all-clear to form the SEB (to regulate umbrella companies) which Spring Budget 2023, a day earlier, was hoped to contain.

    ‘Independent report, from March 2022’

    But the 63-page strategy

    document is an “independent report;” it contains Beels’ “recommendations,” and most significantly, it was submitted to government almost a year ago.

    The labour market enforcement strategy for 2023-24 would be much more valuable as an upload, and Beels is working on that strategy for submission to government before April 1st 2023.

    But in the five-section 2022/23 strategy document, the DLME says she is “hopeful” that time in the parliamentary calendar will be found “as soon as possible” to allow the SEB to be set up.

    ‘Single Enforcement Body licensing function at least three years away’

    More positively for those backing its formation, Beels talks of the Single Enforcement Body in terms of “as and when” — as opposed to ‘if and when.’

    Yet in a sign of what ‘when’ might mean, a recommendation which she tables in the report on the SEB’s “licensing function” is allocated by her a ‘delivery timescale’ of “3-plus years.”

    More immediately (given its March 2022 composition), the document states that learnings to inform the development of the SEB should be delivered in “1 year.”

    Read the full article from ContractorUK

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