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Sorry for the delay Miles. The JSS has been superseded by the furlough scheme which now comes into place until the end of March 2021.

The announcement came on Saturday October 31 and the employee had to be on the payroll as at midnight 30 October 2020.

The previous furlough scheme was based on salary as at March 2020 (the old tax year) however the new furlough scheme will be based on salary as at Oct20 and it will start off at 80%. This may change down the line (previously it was 80% for a few weeks then 70% then 60%).

As a director, you can claim for this Miles and your accountant should be able to administer this for you although you can do it yourself.

The company needs to be registered for PAYE and the claim is made via a HMRC account whereby the PAYE service for employee is one of those services on the account.