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What should you consider for small business website design when running your UK contractor company? Also, should you have a company website as a UK contracting professional? You can search online for `free website design to showcase your services’ or `free website design for small business UK.’ You can also search for `web design for small business’ and in both cases see which results appear. Indeed, you could consider your own website when you first set up your company, or, after you’ve been going for a while. If you’re looking to start a site, there’s plenty of example websites for small businesses online to give you an idea. What’s more, it may be a good move to create an IT contractor website as it may assist in finding new clients in future. Therefore, let’s consider your small business website creation and some website design tips for small business.

Many start-ups and small companies begin trading without a website in place. This includes limited company contractors and freelancers. However, web design for small business (UK) and websites for contractors is something to investigate after setting up your business. As a UK limited company contractor, a website can benefit your company in several ways. Indeed, getting your business online can help generate new income in the future. Your website also gives your company a professional look online.

Therefore, let’s research how to build my own business website and how you set up websites for small businesses (UK). There’s lots to consider and plenty of options are available when contemplating small business website design (UK). We’ll learn how to create your own website for small business and research contractor website hosting costs in the UK. Indeed, two key areas when you create your website are the actual web design and hosting (UK).

Initial thoughts on small business web design (UK) for contractors 

Create your own website (UK) -the benefits of your own contractor website

Our guide on UK contracting contains many great ideas when you start your own company. When creating your small business website (UK), there’s a low cost of entry. Lots of great contractor websites are on the internet and you can view contractor website examples online to get some ideas. When researching how to make your own website for a small business, there’s lots of help online. Indeed, many websites assist you to build and design your own website (UK) with a free web design and hosting plan or free trial. This is how many new contractor sites start out.

Initially, you could search for the best website builder for small business (UK), best website builder for contractors as well as best contractor website design. First, you’ll be looking for affordable website design for small businesses and contractor website ideas. Indeed, it’s a great starting place for web design for small businesses in the UK, if you can get online for free or at a low cost. As a limited company contractor, you could research affordable contractor websites online and find some ideas. Due to a low initial cost, there’s also no excuse not to consider setting a website up for your UK contracting company.

Once the small business web design is complete and your site is live, you could upgrade to a paid plan in the future. This’ll likely help you improve the website design (small business) overall. An example here is the site you’re reading now. traffic multiplied tenfold after the site was professionally redesigned. Therefore, you could start with a free plan first and perhaps consider some affordable web design for small business in the future. As a result, your aim could be to make it one of the best contractor websites in the future. 

Best contractor website design and creation -more benefits

When you have your personalised website as part of your contractor web design, it’s a great way to promote your company. As we look at websites for small businesses and websites for contractors, there’s many benefits for those who’ve an online presence:

  • You can showcase your professional services. As part of this, you can also give examples of your past work and completed projects. Some of the best websites for contractors on the web will do this to attract new business.
  • Direct enquiries for your services may be received because of being visible on the internet. Basically, to increase the chance of this happening, you must ensure that your website is visible. Your new website should be easy to find. Therefore, you could promote your site on social media. Further down the line, you could also look into Search Engine Optimisation (SEO -see later in this guide). It’s also essential to ensure you write your pages and posts well with plenty of keywords as this is what some of the best sites for contractors have already done with their pages.
  • If you show your CV on your IT contractor website, recruiters may find you. They often search the web regularly for potential new candidates.
  • When you have your website for your company, you could use it as part of your defence should HMRC come up with their disguised employment argument. It’s also a pointer toward being an actual business in terms of IR35.

These are all good ideas, and you can include these when you set up your new website. HMRC’s guide on expenses for the self-employed list website costs as an allowable expense. These are indeed allowable for UK companies too. There’s also a further detailed guide here on the tax treatment of website costs.

Set up the contractor website yourself

When you create your own business website in the UK, this is a task you can do yourself. With the right platform and with the use of a good UK website builder, you could create your new company website. When you look into this, search online for `do it yourself web design for small business’ and see if anything takes your interest. Please read on to see our other tips on the creation of your new website. Once you’ve a web design plan in place which you can do yourself, some of the work required may not fall within your remit. If this is so, there is help out there to make sure that you succeed. 

Small business websites (UK) -initial costs   

In terms of your UK limited company contractor business website costs (UK), first you must purchase a business domain for your new site. Some websites offer a free domain, although with most this is only for a limited amount of time. The usual annual cost for a domain name is around £15-£30. Basically, the name of your website will probably be your company name, so you’ll want to protect this. As a result, you’ll need to ensure that no one else can use the same name. Therefore, for this reason, it’s advisable to purchase the .com and and other variants.

You may also want to consider a custom domain which is a branded domain name and identifies a website. A custom domain enables you to create email accounts using your own domain with this at the end of the email. For more information, please see this video online.

Besides the web design for small business and any initial costs here, you may also need to pay for annual web hosting costs (UK) for your new contracting website. Initially, this could cost you no more than £50 per year. However, if your traffic picks up in the future, you may need to pay more. 

Other initial considerations around your contractor website design 

Email address and paid plans 

As a limited company contractor, you might decide to set up an email address with the same website name. This’ll give a good look for you as a professional in your industry and your company. You’ll also have the option to do email marketing to help promote your business.

Once your website is in place, you should be able to access this immediately. If you plan to include a lot of content on your website, you may decide to use a Content Management System (CMS). The CMS will make the site quicker to load, and there’s other benefits here too.

Small business website design tips -platform/theme

As part of when we research websites for small businesses, WordPress is one of the leading website software packages out there by far. However, when we consider the best website design for small business, there’s many new entrants to the market now. Many owners of their own contractor limited company and freelancers alike choose WordPress for their contractor websites. This is because it’s popular when it comes to web design for small businesses. Indeed, this has thousands of potential templates compared to many of its rivals. Therefore, if you choose WordPress, you could also use their hosting or choose another provider.

This website was initially developed using the Divi theme. However, when it was professionally redeveloped, the design team used Avada. Basically, this is a much more lightweight theme with many great possibilities for future improvements.

Other factors

Many hosting and domain providers offer WordPress as part of their service. Therefore, it’s simple to commence the site-building process as part of your small business web design, once you have a domain and hosting.

As part of building your website, you’ll need to ensure that it is mobile-friendly. This is a key factor today as lots of traffic comes from mobile devices.

Once your site is up and running, you could also employ some SEO tools. Improving your site in terms of SEO helps you rank higher on the search engines. We’re now using SEM Rush to help with this, as they’re one of the leaders in this space. They have some terrific SEO tools that help make your site more visible on the internet. 

Contractor website design -initial steps 

There are three initial steps in relation to your site design, when you set up your business website.

Best web hosting for small business (UK)

An internet hosting provider is online business which hosts websites for their clients. When you look at website hosting costs (UK), picking a top service provider for your contractor web hosting (small business) is a good idea. As a result, you can search for the best website hosting for small business. If you find the best and affordable web hosting for small business, this’ll stand you in good stead in the future.

It’s notable that many comparison charts on the internet, including many UK ones advertise themselves with `free business website hosting’. This could be the case when you first start up, however after a while the small business hosting provider usually charge a fee, or you’ll need to upgrade anyway if your site starts picking up traffic. What’s more, these sites which advertise `free website hosting for small business’, tend to rank some providers who don’t necessarily provide the best service.

There are many types of small business website design and hosting packages available online. What’s more, many offer assisted business website design and hosting (UK). Therefore, if you’re looking for a combined small business website hosting and design service, you should search the web for the best one. As a result, this should give you an idea who offers the best website design and hosting for small business.

Find the best hosting for your company website

When searching for UK small business hosting, it’s ideal to find the best hosting offered at the present time from reputable suppliers. The web hosting cost for small business website is a fixed annual cost. Therefore, it’s important to pick the right supplier in terms of the best web hosting for small businesses. When searching for the top web hosting sites for small business, one such provider to check out is SiteGround. Basically, Siteground are UK based and offer a good web hosting plan when starting your new website. Shared hosting plans are a popular choice for business hosting (UK) when first creating a new site. Other advanced plans for UK business web hosting exist if your site becomes more popular, such as a dedicated server or VPS hosting. When you choose your small business website hosting (UK) service, you’ll need to compare pricing plans which are currently available.

As part of running your website, you’ll also have access to the web hosting control panel. This is a graphical user or, in some cases, a web-based interface. It’s accessible online and provides tools for managing your website.

Choose your type of small business website hosting (UK)

Depending on how busy your new site will be, you’ll need to consider your small business web hosting (UK) type. When we investigate the types of hosting services available, the choices for your business professional website hosting are:

  • Shared hosting.
  • Cloud hosting.
  • VPS hosting.
  • Managed WordPress hosting.
  • Colocation hosting.

Most UK contractors and sole traders will start their websites on a shared hosting plan. This is because most sites don’t need more than 1GB of storage space. In fact, blog type websites usually require 700MB-800MB of disk space for their data.

Many web hosting providers, including Siteground, offer live chat facilities. This is useful if any technical queries arise as you run your website.


When we consider websites for small businesses, you’ll pick a platform to build your UK contractor website on. When we consider small business website design tips, one of these is to consider WordPress website design small business. Basically, WordPress is very in-depth and has many choices for themes and plugins, compared to its rivals. If you’re to run your website yourself, WordPress takes some getting used to due to all the available options.

There are also now lots of free contractor website templates out there and finding a contractor website builder is an ideal place to start. Many of the free website builders (UK) make it easier to design your site without hiring an actual web designer. Therefore, you could look online for the `best website builders UK’ or the `best free website builder for small business UK’ and see if they have any contractor themes. As a result, when you find the best small business website builder (UK), you could sign up for a free trial and try out their UK website builder. To sum up, you could go with WordPress, look at other website providers, or find website builders (UK) online and test one of these with some small business website designs.


Choose an excellent caching plugin/option. What’s more, Siteground’s caching plugin (SG Optimiser) is good. Indeed, caching options should also be available via your web host. 

Contractor website design -further steps 

Main considerations 

Some other things to consider, as part of your new website, will include: 

  • If you’re not using a developer, use quality plugins that the developers update regularly.
  • Consider a Content Delivery Network (CDN) for your website.
  • Ensure that you’ve a backup service (Siteground is free).
  • Use the latest PHP version and get an excellent lightweight theme. We also use RankMath for help with writing and have also used Grammarly in the past for checking our guides.
  • Test your site on to check for loading issues. This can help a great deal as well. There is also lots of excellent advice from if you design your new site yourself.

Contractor website design -employ a developer who is good at web design for contractors 

Initial steps 

Initially, when you choose to set up a company website, you could look into low-cost web designers or cheap website design for small business. It’s also a good idea to employ an affordable web design agency or developer from the start which offers low-cost website design. The developer should be able to design affordable small business websites and have experience in website designs for small business. Indeed, this especially important if you need small business website advice and help from the outset. The developer could work solo or may be part of a website design company for small business (in UK). Alternatively, you could bring a developer or small web design company in further down the line to provide professional website design and hosting. You may decide to do this if you’d like your site to look more professional to the outside world.

A professional developer offers web design services for small business and help your site stand out. When you look for affordable web design for small businesses you could search for contractor website services and website designs for contractors and see what’s available. As part of your site’s journey, the contractor website development and design are key. In addition, the best contractor web design will also help your site climb the search engine pages. What’s more, the website development costs (UK) for your new company website are a genuine contractor business expense. As a result, any small business website costs will save Corporation Tax.

Further steps

You could search for a developer and small business web designer who could work directly for you. There are many out there on Upwork and Fiverr who provide contractor website design services. Alternatively, you could look for a contractor website design agency for your contractor web design services (small business). In addition, you could ask the contractor website design company to look at some of their best contractor websites examples and any that they’ve created for previous clients. An important area to consider as part of a contractor’s website design is the colour palettes and what to show on your main contractor landing page.

It’s key to consider what design work needs to be completed and advise the developer at your contractor web design company accordingly. However, please ensure you get a quote from the contractor web design agency upfront for the website design costs (UK) work involved. It’s key that when you find affordable business website design from a web designer for small business, you don’t run over your budget for web design costs (UK).

A professional look website that’s of high quality adds to the user experience. You can also think about adding some call to actions buttons. These’ll help steer your audience to the parts of your website you would like them to read.

Further considerations for contractor website design 

Some further considerations as a UK contracting professional are:

  • If you’ll be selling any goods to your online visitors, you could also look to create an online store. Many online applications help you set this up if you’ll sell any products in the future.
  • Online security -your website needs adequate protection, and your hosting provider will guide you here. Regular backups are essential; HTTPS (not HTTP) is the norm today. There are also attackers out there, and one thing to do is ensure you don’t have inactive plugins on your site. SSL digital certificates enable a website to move from HTTP to HTTPS, which is more secure. Many platforms out there now include a free SSL certificate.
  • Look into some contractor advertising and marketing for your company. You can market your new website for your company on social media. It’ll include LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and more. The online search engines will index your site. Once this is up and running, you can submit your site map to Google, Bing, and others.

Other considerations 

A site for a local business

If you’re looking to open a local business, either selling goods or providing services, much of the above guide is still relevant to you. However, in this case you could search online for `local business websites for local businesses’ and see what comes up. Indeed, you may find a site that focuses on local business website design. Also, in your search for web design for local businesses, you may find a local firm or developer that offer website services for small businesses locally and this could work out cheaper. Either way, as a local business, it’s advisable to also look up local business web design as this could prove to be the better option.

Other tips

Please read our guide which covers tax tips for UK contractors. This includes many handy tips and advice you should know when you have your own business.

With regard to small business web design services, WordPress is one of the leading site providers out there. They’ve also been going for a long time and probably a lot longer than most others. Also, there’s so many choices for themes and modules that it’s hard to know where to start.

Final thoughts

There are now many contractor websites out there as many contracting professionals decide it’s a good idea to set one up. You could search the web for contractor website designs (UK) and the best web hosting and design to give you some ideas to get your business online. As contractor or sole trader, there’s quite a lot to consider when you look into website design for contractors and web design for a small business in the UK. Many will start off by investigating websites for small businesses themselves and see how they go. If the website visits start to improve you may then consider bringing in a developer who specialises in contractor website services. When you do this, it’s key to look for affordable website design (UK) and get a quote for the work.

Finally, many small businesses or contractors may not choose to employ a developer from the outset. However, sometimes this may be the better option or alternatively, you can bring one on board later perhaps. When you do bring in a developer, you should find one that offers the best small business website design services which are affordable and good value.

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