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Contractor Advice UK website is an information-packed resource for contractors, freelancers, and interim professionals in all sorts of industries. Much of the contractor accountancy advice in the blog also applies to UK business owners in general. The website has now been live for a couple of years and aims to bring you the best free advice as a UK contractor or small business owner.

Within the blog, there are plenty of articles covering all sorts of aspects including contractor accountancy services, tax saving ideas, business travel, salaries, dividends, tax returns, tax year dates, starting a company, closing a company and many more.

Some of the more complicated articles cover Companies House, HMRC and the various taxes that apply to UK small business.

Besides the blog, there is also a contractor forum where you can join discussions and introduce yourself and also a members’ area and contractor and business finances page.

Please enjoy your stay and feel free to register as a member and sign up for the newsletters.

Expenses Guides

Business gifts -learn when they are tax deductible

Introduction  Are business gifts to clients tax-deductible? Many business owners, including contractors, will look to send clients a great gift to say thank you for the work provided to them during the course of the year. As a result, they will ask themselves whether such client gifts are tax deductible. A business owner may also look to buy gifts for specific business contacts at Christmas time or at other times during the year. Therefore, they may also wonder if such gifts to clients are tax-deductible. There are specific rules to consider with regard to when gifts to customers may be allowable for tax. The general rule here is business gifts are not generally tax-deductible, as they fall under the ...

Tax Saving Guides

How much dividend can I take

Introduction  How much dividend can I take tax-free from my business? You can take your income as salary and dividends as a UK limited company owner. However, when we consider how much dividends I can take from my business now, we need to calculate the limited company profit. Considering how much dividends can I take tax-free or how much dividends one can take is a common thought when someone is running their own company. We need to calculate this, which means we will work out your post-tax company profit levels. It is key to know your post-tax profit levels on ...


Contractor Business Insurances – Contractor Advice UK

A detailed breakdown of the top 4 business insurances for contractors to protect their limited companies Whether this is your first business venture, or you have been contracting for many years, running your own limited company is not without its risks. Ensuring that you have adequate insurance policies in place to protect your business is an invaluable lifeline when it comes to risk management, minimising the potential for future damages and loss. As well as this protection, the majority of contractual agreements will include a stipulation for business insurances, ensuring your client and/or agency is protected against losses. With ...

Other Guides

Electric & hybrid cars for limited company directors

Introduction  Today, electric and hybrid cars are relatively new on the scene. Indeed, as time progresses, vehicles with electric power should become more energy-efficient and friendly to the environment. Up to now, we should all be aware of the fuel economy, which illustrates the relationship between the distance travelled and fuel consumed, i.e., miles per gallon (MPG) or litre. With electric cars comes some good advantages as well as some disadvantages too. Indeed, there are arguments for and against the move to electric vehicles. Some people say they are fun to drive; however, as a UK business owner, there are ...

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UK business owners come to the site to educate themselves on a wide number of areas. As well as general accounting advice there are also many tips on how to become tax-efficient and save money when running your own UK business.