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In 2024, the Contractor Advice UK website is an information-packed resource for contracting, freelancing and interim professionals. The members of the website and visitors alike come from all sorts of different industries. Many who are running a limited company work in IT and management consultancy. However, many are in oil and gas, legal, transport, aviation, entertainment, etc. Therefore, if your employment status is of an independent IT contractor or a contractor in any other industry and you have a UK company, you’re in the right place.

Much of the advice in our blog applies to UK limited company contractors. However, most of the site’s information is relevant to most sole traders and UK business owners. Our contracting guide sets out many areas to consider when running your company. This includes moving from an umbrella company into contracting, your rights as a contractor, and how to operate daily when running your business. In the future, we’ll aim to bring the best free advice to those with a limited company and small business owners. Furthermore, our guides are updated whenever changes in UK tax rules affect the contracting industry.

What do our informative guides include? 

The Contractor Advice UK blog contains many valuable guides for limited company professionals. Many of these cover the wide range of genuine business expenses you can claim, such as business travel costs and subsistence, marketing and advertising, business training, entertainment, and many others. A key aspect when you claim expenses is they should be wholly and exclusively for business purposes. In addition, our guides cover how to start a company, run your own company, and close a company. Other guides look at limited company contractor accounting and how to find specialist contractor accountants. Further guides cover tax saving ideas, salaries, dividends, National Insurance, considerations when you’re VAT registered, annual accounts, tax returns, and tax year dates. Finally, more detailed guides cover the Companies House and HMRC areas and the company taxes applicable to UK small businesses.

What is on the official contractor blog?


The blog is a great reference point for limited company contractors. However, there are:

  • A great contractor forum. Here, you can join discussions and introduce yourself.
  • The private members’ area. Here, you can view essential guides that may affect you as one of many limited company freelancers.
  • A contractor finances page. This covers all the essential financial issues for those with a UK limited company. Indeed, it includes insurance (you can get a 10% discount on business insurance through this contractor website), contractor mortgages, Relevant Life Insurance, and income protection insurance.

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Expenses Guides

Use of Home as Office: Effective Claims in 2023/24 & 2024/25

Introduction  As a UK contractor limited company or small business owner, you may work from home (WFH) from time to time. Indeed, when you run your own UK company or sole trader business, you’ll likely utilise home office use. Therefore, it only seems fair that you can make business use of home as office (UK) claims or receive a tax rebate for working from home. What’s more, it may be the case that you find yourself working from home on a more regular basis. Therefore, what can you claim for the working from home allowance if you work at home? Also, while UK contracting, what can you claim for business use of home as office allowance 2023/24 and 2024/25? ...

Tax Saving Guides

Contractor Expenses Guide 2024: Limited Company Costs Guide

Introduction  This is the official UK contractor expenses guide from Contractor Advice UK. When investigating what expenses I can claim as a contractor, what should we consider? Besides the limited company expenses advice in this guide aimed at UK contractors, most tips apply to small and medium business owners. Business costs must always meet the wholly and exclusively test, which means such costs must be for business reasons. Therefore, this guide will look at a contractor expenses list, which includes many different company expenses. Indeed, contractor business costs and expenses cover a wide range. What’s more, many expenses have ...


Best Relevant Life Insurance for Directors and Contractors

Introduction Are you paying for your life insurance out of your own pocket as a UK contracting professional? Indeed, if the answer is yes, you may be paying too much. Therefore, as a contractor or limited company director, it is time to look for the best life insurance policy (UK). Relevant Life Insurance for contractors is tax-efficient life cover, however, what is relevant life cover? In summary, Relevant Life cover for directors moves the cost of your contractor life insurance from your pocket to your company expenses. In conclusion, if your business pays for a policy for Relevant Life insurance ...

Other Guides

Contractor Banking 2024/25: UK Limited Company Banking Guide

Introduction When researching the best business bank account for contractors, what should you consider for a UK business bank account? When you start your own company for the first time, there are various tasks to complete. One of these is to find a bank account for independent contractor purposes. Therefore, you must open an independent contractor bank account for your UK limited company, besides finding your first UK contracting role through a recruitment agency or directly with a client. All contractors must open a company bank account for their business and contractor banking. Therefore, when starting a new business, you ...

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UK business owners come to Contractor Advice UK to educate themselves on a wide number of areas. As well as general accounting advice, there are also many tips on how to become tax-efficient and save money when you run your own UK business.