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Expenses Guides

  • entertaining clients

Can I claim for entertaining?

Introduction -business entertainment expenses As a business owner, can I claim for business entertainment when I am entertaining clients as a business expense? For instance, when you are out and about providing business entertainment that is related to your work? Well, there may be times when you are running your own company that you would like to drum up some new business with former, current, or potential new clients. Indeed, this can, in itself, be an excellent way to generate new work for your business. On these occasions, you may not know what you can claim from your company. My article will go over this and explain how the rules work and what you might like to think about ...

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Tax Saving Guides

  • UK Marriage allowance transfer

The UK Marriage Allowance Transfer

Introduction -Marriage Allowance UK Have you ever wondered if you can claim for the Marriage Tax Allowance UK or, in other words, the UK Marriage Allowance Transfer? On the other hand, have you never been aware that this exists or you did not know how this works? The transfer is worth up to £250 to you per year. Although this is not a lot, it may be worth doing in the case of some couples. Two separate articles which explain how your personal tax position can be affected in the UK are the UK child benefit tax charge and the student loan ...

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  • contractor Income protection

Income protection insurance for contractors

What is Income Protection insurance for contractors?      Income Protection is a key policy to think about as a contractor who is running his or her own company. It makes sure that you do not have to dip into your savings if you are not able to work. What’s more, when you work for yourself, you do not have a safety net. By this, I mean in terms of sick pay or financial support from an employer.  Income Protection is, in effect, sick pay for Contractors. It enables you to meet your mortgage payments, bills, and lifestyle needs. There may ...

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Other Guides

  • Loan to a director

A loan to a director or shareholder

Introduction -what is a director’s loan?When you are a director of your company, there may be a need for you to loan the company some funds. Alternatively, if the need arises, you may decide to borrow some funds from your company. This balance between you and the company will become a director loan account.In both cases, where you are the sole director of your own company there is no need for a written director loan agreement. However if you are part of a company with more than one director, an agreement may need putting in place as there are other ...

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