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The contractor Contractor Advice UK website is an information-packed resource for contractors, freelancers, and interim professionals in all sorts of industries. Much of the advice in the blog applies to UK limited company contractors but also most UK business owners in general. Please note, the website has now been live for a couple of years and will aim to bring you the best free advice as a UK contractor or small business owner.

Within the Contractor Advice UK blog, there are plenty of useful articles. Please note, these cover all sorts of aspects such as contractor accountancy services, tax saving ideas, business travel, salaries, dividends, tax returns, tax year dates, starting a company, closing a company and many more.

Some of the more complicated articles cover Companies House and HMRC areas and the various taxes which apply to UK small businesses.

The Contractor Advice UK blog is a reference point for UK limited company contractors, however, there is also:

  • A great contractor forum -you can join discussions and introduce yourself.
  • The private members’ area -here you can view important articles which may affect you as a UK limited company contractors.
  • A contractor finances page -this contains articles on all the important financial issues such as insurance, mortgages, income protection and life insurance.

Please enjoy your stay and feel free to register as a member and sign up for the newsletters.

Expenses Guides

Business gifts -learn when they are tax deductible

Introduction -business gifts  When you are in business, are client gifts tax-deductible (UK)? In addition, when are corporate gifts to customers tax-deductible? Many business owners, including contractors, will consider buying gifts for clients at one time or another. Such business gifts for clients will be to say thank you for the work provided to them during the course of the calendar year. As a result of such business thank you gifts, they will ask themselves are business gifts tax-deductible. A business owner may also look to buy corporate Christmas gifts for clients for specific business contacts during the festive season, or at other times during the year. Therefore, they may also wonder are corporate gifts tax-deductible. There are specific rules ...

Tax Saving Guides

Relevant Life Insurance for Directors & Contractors

Relevant Life Insurance for directors Are you paying for your life insurance out of your own pocket? If the answer is yes, then you may be paying too much as a contractor or limited company director. Relevant Life Insurance for contractors and directors is tax-efficient life cover. It moves the cost of your life insurance policy from your pocket to your company expenses, and your business will benefit from tax savings that lower the premiums.In addition to the tax benefits, Relevant Life Insurance for company directors protects your mortgage, your family’s future standard of living, your income by safeguarding your future earning ...


Income Protection Insurance for Contractors – CAUK

What is Income Protection insurance for contractors?  Contractor Income Protection is a key policy to consider for a contractor who runs their own company. This will ensure that you do not have to dip into your savings if you are unable to work. In addition, it will also help you pay the bills and avoid getting into any financial difficulties. Notably, you do not have a safety net when you work for yourself. By this, we mean in terms of sick pay or financial support from an employer. That is until you return to work. Income Protection is, in ...

Other Guides

Electric & hybrid cars for limited company directors

Introduction -electric cars for company directors  Today, electric cars are relatively new on the scene, as are hybrid cars. Indeed, as time progresses, vehicles with electric power should become more energy-efficient and friendly to the environment. Due to this, many contractors and company directors are looking to purchase or lease an electric company car through their limited company. Many others also look to purchase hybrid company cars as a cheaper alternative for their director's company car. Therefore, if you are thinking about buying an electric car for business what should you consider? In addition, in terms of company cars for ...

Some Key Articles

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UK business owners come to Contractor Advice UK to educate themselves on a wide number of areas. As well as general accounting advice, there are also many tips on how to become tax-efficient and save money when you run your own UK business.